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We require all of our families to contribute 30 hours of service each year. Not only does this help us to strengthen our sense of community and involvement, but it also helps to defrays some of our costs. Volunteering and fundraising enable us to keep our tuition as low as possible. 

We are also delighted to have volunteer help from others outside the current school community – alumni families, friends, and soon-to-be friends who believe in what we deliver and want to help make a difference.

Here are some of the ways we currently use parents’ volunteer assistance:

  • Planning and presenting an in‐class project, particularly in areas of special expertise

  • Driving and chaperoning field trips

  • Presenting a lesson in a particular skill, profession or expertise

  • Substituting in the classroom when a teacher or assistant is absent

  • Serving in the Parent Teacher Organization as an officer, on the PTO committee, or as Class Parent

  • Serving on the Board of Trustees or a board committee, including fund-raising committees

  • Other contributions or activities as approved by school faculty and staff

We are grateful for all our volunteers as their help makes our community strong and vibrant.

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