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CVMS Teas, Spices and Candles!


Live a Beau-TEA-ful Life!  

There is a cup . . .

and a tea for everyone!

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways—learning and working from home, little to no travel beyond the grocery, and probably more anxious days & nights than we’d like to admit.

As part of our health and wellness goal for this year, CVMS is proud to partner with The Spice and Tea Exchange® and we are excited to introduce you to a company that specializes in high quality, unique, diverse spices, and spice BLENDS as well as sugars, salts, and teas. 

Everything Spicy is Nicey!


We are offering a curated collection of the most popular spices, spice blends, and high-quality teas made by The Spice and Tea Exchange® as a fundraiser for the school. CVMS will earn X% on all purchases made through the link below. AND you can share the link below with family and friends and their purchases will be send directly to them!

Whether you are looking for some “sereni-tea” or something to spice up your nightly dinner, The Spice and Tea Exchange® offers you some amazing options that will not only boost your mood but improve your health.

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