Montessori Beginnings Group

Ages: Birth to 23 months

Montessori Beginnings is designed for parent and child, aged birth through 23 months, and is open to all parents or caregivers including grandparents, foster parents and nannies. The program is free and runs on Monday mornings for 8 weeks.


One morning session offered on Monday
9:15 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Montessori Beginnings is a partnership among parent or caregiver, child, and Montessori guide. Parents or caregivers immerse themselves in the support and discussion of the group. The gentle and gradual pace of discovery allows them to explore and practice skills while celebrating the curiosity of their child. The Montessori guide’s role is to prepare an appealing environment and support the parent or caregiver and child’s journey of discovery.

Here’s how our sessions are structured:

  • Greeting and check-in
  • Montessori guide demonstration and practice
  • Child exploration and adult discussion
  • Gross motor time in gym or on Toddler playground
  • Typical discussion topics include:
    • Child Development
    • Parenting Styles
    • What is Montessori?
    • Independence
    • Symbolic Play
    • Reading with Your Child
    • Empathy

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