Our Characteristics

We actively cultivate each of these characteristics throughout our learning community.


Dr. Maria Montessori understood that children have an inherent desire to learn. We foster their curiosity, a driving force in lifelong learning.

Command of concepts

Children absorb knowledge from their surroundings and from their tireless interest in manipulating materials and ideas.

Critical thinking

We help children develop both the ability and the determination to examine all sides of a question and reason thoughtfully.


At CVMS, cooperation and collaboration are part of our students’ learning process. We foster peer teaching and learning, as well as individual learning.


We foster respect, kindness, and compassion for every individual and for life itself, in all its forms. Our students learn problem solving and conflict mediation, as well as stewardship of the earth.


The Montessori curriculum includes a wide worldview and a focus on peace. Our diverse student population celebrates many cultures and traditions. Students of all ages participate in service projects locally and globally.


Through our approach, we cultivate confident learners who acquire the necessary foundation of skills and thirst for understanding that make them self-starters for a lifetime.

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