There are many things that set CVMS apart from other schools. The Montessori philosophy, methods, and materials are at the heart of our approach to educating students.

  • Intentionally small, individually focused. Small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios are critical to our intention: to know every student well, so that we can fine-tune their education to their individual needs and abilities and challenge each to grow.
  • Excellence in academics. Our strengths in math, science, language arts, and social sciences are balanced by our emphasis on art, music, drama, physical education, and foreign languages. Our students are effective communicators, problem solvers, musicians and artists who take prizes in local, regional and international competitions. In our rich, rounded academic curriculum, each discipline contributes to effective learning in all the others.
  • Independent, curious, lifetime learners. Cultivating curiosity, analytical thinking, and self-discipline early in life gives children a strong foundation for lifetime habits of independent learning, critical thinking, and the confidence that emerges naturally through them.
  • Proven methods. Based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s pioneering theory of child development and learning, the philosophy and methods we employ have set the standard of excellence in authentic learning for more than a century. Their value continues to be proven through ongoing research.
  • A diverse learning community. We intentionally foster a diverse culture and an expanded learning community. We engage our families in shared learning and responsibility for the school’s well-being.
  • Whole person, whole world. We are committed to developing well-rounded, responsible, compassionate individuals. We cultivate appreciation for the peoples and forces that shape our planet and help our students develop the values and problem-solving skills needed to seek peaceful solutions to troubling issues.
  • A track record of success. Our students’ achievements—in later schooling, careers, citizenship, and leadership, and in their strength of character—provide abundant proof that a Chemung Valley Montessori education provides a great start for all that follows.

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